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Located mainly in Moab, UT (but sometimes on the road around the Four Corners), YummyTown serves up delicious Mediterranean cuisine from a fun food truck.


Opened in the summer of 2017, YummyTown is the love child of Joelle Riddle and Max Schon. What started out as a whimsical phrase the two used while cooking delicious food at home, became a custom-built food truck serving up Mediterranean cuisine from Spain to Greece when the pair moved to the stunning desert of Moab. Flavorful grilled meats, seasonal vegetables, fresh olive oil, and complex spice mixtures drive the dishes at YummyTown. We have lots of options for carnivores and vegetarians alike, and we are  committed to using local, organic produce and ingredients whenever possible.  YummyTown also serves its food on paper and plastic goods made with renewable plant based materials rather than petroleum products. So come by and enjoy a gyro freshly sliced from our vertical rotisserie and know that your purchase also supports local farms and the renewable resources industry. When not on Main Street in Moab, YummyTown can be found at festivals and events around the Four Corners, so check out our various social media for updates about our location or contact us directly, about catering your special event, we would love to hear from you!

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82 South Main Street
Moab, UT 84532





~Lunch and Early Dinner starting at 11am

(sometimes later)

...or until we get tired and wanna go home, or go climbing, or go biking, or go paddle boarding, or go...

~We're mobile and love to travel for catering and events!

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Shrubs are an ancient method of preserving abundant harvests of fruit and vegetables by macerating them with sugar, adding vinegar, and letting the mixture develop with time. yUMMYTOWN USES ORGANIC CANE SUGAR, HIGH QUALITY VINEGAR, AND LOCAL PRODUCE, MIXED WITH CARBONATED WATER AND LOTS OF ICE, TO CREATE refreshing combinations like raspberry and golden beet, kumquat and mint, or PEACH AND BASIL. And our shrubs pair wonderfully with the BOLD flavors of the Mediterranean. Come by and check out our constantly changing varieties!



83 S. Main Street
Moab, UT 84532


(Check the Interweb for Yummy updates!)


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